Michael Jackson's Kids Are Boycotting the Conrad Murray Trial? Why?

Michael Jackson's Kids Boycotting Trial

The Conrad Murray trial – the man who is being accused of manslaughter of Michael Jackson – has been not just grabbing the headlines but is touching the hearts of many a Michael Jackson fan and also is greatly affecting his family. Especially for his kids. It must be incredibly hard to relive the tragedy. The lawyers have put the three Jackson kids  – Prince, Paris and Blanket  – on the witness list, but now it looks like they won’t be testifying at all. Why?

According to new reports the children are boycotting the trial. There have been some very  graphic photographs shown during the trial and the Jackson family does not want to expose the kids to these painful pictures. Katherine Jackson is especially relieved that the kids don’t want to be part of the trial.

Do you think the kids should continue to avoid the courthouse?