Michael Jackson's Kids See "Captain EO" (On Purpose)


captain-eoWhile rumors have been swirling around Disneyland that Michael Jackson’s Captain EO film may be making a comeback, it has yet to happen.

Unless you’re one of Michael Jackson’s kids.  Then it has happened and you can ignore the previous part where I said that it hasn’t.

Apparently Michael Jr., Paris and Prince visited Disneyland with Uncle Jackie and the people behind the mouse closed down the Honey I Shrunk the Audience, which I’m sure nobody noticed, and gave the Jackson kids a private showing of the EO film experience.

Captain EO stopped running in 1998 and while I haven’t taken the 3 minutes required to verify this one can assume that Jackson’s legal trouble, as it pertains to children, has played a role in the film being shelved.  Only Google knows for sure.

I’ve seen Captain EO.  It’s like Thriller meets Star Wars. George Lucas was involved.

I’ve also been to Disneyland when Michael Jackson was there – and Caesar’s Palace, too.  The minute he would step foot in a place the entire area would go on lock-down.  Very bizarre.  Kind of like Captain EO.

Word is the kids loved it, and really, that’s what it’s all about.

Here you go:

You’re welcome.