Michael Jackson's "Secret Son" Speaks Out



Omer Bhatti, who is the rumored “love child,” or “secret son” of Michael Jackson, has come forward and he says the late pop star is not his father.

Bhatti, from Norway, whose mother is rumored to be the bio mom of Jackson’s youngest son Blanket, has come forward to deny claims he is Michael’s son.

It was reported that Michael had an affair with Bhatti’s mother, Pia,  in 1983, and that fling resulted in his birth.  The Bhattis moved to Jackson’s Neverland Ranch when Omer was 12, and his parents were employed by Michael, but not because Omer was Michael’s son, although he did care a great deal for the young boy and his family.

“Michael is not my father.  He and I were just very, very close.  He was my best friend,” said Omer.

The Jackson family has said if Omer were to be the biological son of Michael, they would welcome him into their lives.