Michael Jackson's Son Inherited Skin Condition Vitiligo


prince-michael-paris-blanket1Prince Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson’s 12 year old son, has reportedly inherited his father’s infamous skin disease.

La Toya Jackson, Michael Jackson’s sister, says that Prince Michael is showing signs of vitiligo, a condition that causes skin lightening.  “Vitiligo is on my father’s side, and Prince has it, too – on his arms and chest,” she said.

Rumors have long circulated about whether or not Michael Jackson’s kids were biological or the result of a sperm donor.  La Toya’s announcement seems to suggest that Prince Michael, at least, shares a genetic link to the deceased King of Pop.

While discussing her young nephew’s medical problems, La Toya also talked about how Michael Jackson’s three children are coping with his death.

“Paris’ bedroom is covered with posters of her dad, Prince doesn’t want to speak about it and Blanket is just very sad,” she says.