Michael Jackson's Tomb Will Be Off-Limits To Fans


michael-jackson-shinyIf you’ve been following the saga of Michael Jackson’s body, you know that the story is filled with gossip and intrigue. After 3 autopsies and tons of rumors about missing noses and such, Michael Jackson’s body will finally be laid to rest in a private mausoleum at Forest Lawn Memorial Park on August 29th (his birthday).

Unlike the tombs of “The King” or the “Lizard King,” The King of Pop’s resting place will not be a shrine for fans to make pilgrimages to. The family has opted to put MJ’s body in a private mausoleum, where only family members can visit.

I can definitely see it from the family’s perspective. A few of them, especially Michael’s 3 or 4 kids, probably want a place to come and reflect and all of that stuff.

And, MJ will be in good company. His neighbors inside the mausoleum will be superstars like Clark Gable, Jean Harlow, and Nat King Cole.

Still, when someone as mega-famous as MJ dies, I think they deserve some kind of monument… for the fans.