Michael Lohan and Mel Gibson: One Estranged Father Helping Another


In an unlikely–or perhaps not so much–alliance, Michael Lohan has come to Mel Gibson’s defense for Gibson’s wildly criticized tape-gate 2010. It seems Lindsay Lohan’s father–who is always inserting himself into the public eye whenever possible–doesn’t think Gibson is so bad. “I will not judge him, nor will I believe his girlfriend’s apparently doctored tapes,” Lohan told Popeater.

“All I know is Mel went on the line for Jesus Christ, built a church for God and has helped many. It’s so easy for others to point fingers and cast blame when money and pride are involved.” Oh yeah–Lohan is also conveniently a born-again Christian. We wonder if Gibson, who was widely disliked for his anti-Semitic rants in 2006, long before the tapes of his outrageous rants toward ex Oksana Grigorieva were released this year, appreciates the support from Lohan–after all, he’s not being backed by many others.

Not that it matters, according to Lohan. “I pray for him and God will be the judge,” he said. From one crazy dad to the next–perhaps they can start a club.


Photo: Pixplanete/PR Photos