Michael Lohan: Dina Was Not Ambushed on 'Today'


And the circus that is Lindsay Lohan and her family continues. Though Dina Lohan insists she was ambushed by ‘Today’ Show host Matt Lauer last week during her exclusive interview, many disagree–including ex-husband/current rival, Michael Lohan.

Lindsay’s (deadbeat) dad spoke with Popeater about his ex-wife’s interview, and how she is so crying wolf. In no uncertain terms, Michael said that Dina “failed miserably with Lindsay” and that she could’ve had it a lot worse in her interview with Lauer. “Matt didn’t ambush Dina,” Michael said. “If anything, Matt was easy on her. Dina hardly gave him a chance to ask questions and when he did, she didn’t answer them or just lied.”

In Michael’s wise opinion, he said he thinks Dina just needs to admit her faults as a parent and move past it–perhaps with family therapy that includes both Lindsay and Michael himself. He claimed therapy has been recommended by professionals “for years,” and that he’s ready to take that step. “We have both caused this situation with our daughter and we need to fix it together as parents,” he said. Is this the new Michael Lohan, voice of reason? We’re not sure we can get used to that.

…Though we probably don’t need to, quite yet. Lindsay’s dad also shared these gems: “I don’t know whether Dina needs the rehab, serious counseling, an exorciscm or jail. Her constant denials and lies on ‘Today’ only prove how corrupted her heart and motives are.”

While we have to agree (gasp!) with Michael that Dina is completely off-kilter and needs to seriously re-evaluate her parenting priorities–we also think Michael is right there with her. These are two parents who both need complete overhauls.

What do you think?


Photo: Jakes Van Der Watt/PR Photos