Michael Lohan Gives Daughter Lindsay Jail Advice


In an interesting twist on fatherly love, it seems Michael Lohan, who has served his fair share of jail time–three years for insider trading–is ready to give his daughter some sound advice before her time in the clinker. Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to report to jail on July 20 for a 90-day sentence, and her dad Michael, with whom she has had a very rocky relationship, is doling out some prison-time words of wisdom.

“It’s just a horrible experience. Twenty-three hours a day, she’ll be locked up,” he said to “It’s not going to be a good experience for her. Right now, she should be working on rectifying the situation and getting better.”

Though, we’re not sure Lindsay is set to take her father’s advice–or even listen to it–as she’s still refusing to speak to him. Of course, Michael says his 24-year-old daughter is only upset that he’s looking out for her. “She knows I still want to throw her in [rehab],” he said. “I’ve been trying to tell her how much I love her, that I’m behind her, that when she’s ready, I’m ready to help her.”

Ah, words from dad a daughter can always keep close to her heart.