Michael Lohan Is Thankful To God

michael lohan
Michael Lohan is thankful for Lindsay's VMA appearance

Michael Lohan sure knows how to ride his daughter Lindsay’s coattails! The morning after Lindsay made a cameo appearance at the MTV VMA’s parody-ing her current ‘situation’, her father spoke to about how thankful he is that she’s getting her life back on track.

“For a LONG time now I have been worrying and praying that the my ‘blessed and gifted’ daughter would find her way back, At times, I was too vocal, I made the wrong decisions and certainly handled things the wrong way. I constantly asked God that if it was His will to take me before her, which I stand by to this day.”

“While some have made their pacts with the devil, I made mine with God, to take me first, or simply help Lindsay find her way back, and if so, He can do whatever He wants with me,”

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the airport the day after her MTV VMA cameo appearance

Well it sounds to me like Michael is just looking for any opportunity he can find to speak to the tabloids. And I think that it’s too early for Lindsay to be making any sort of appearances that parody her current situation, so not sure how thankful I’d be for her appearance last night.

Do you think Michael truly thinks that Lindsay is on the right track, or is he just looking for another opportunity to get his name in the tabloids?

Photos by PCN