Michael Lohan: Lindsay Should Not Serve Jail Time


INFphoto 1292618 The Saga of Lindsay Lohan  Are Her Parents To Blame?No parent wants their child to go to jail, but then again no parent wants their child to commit a behavior that warrants lock up. Sometimes, it is in their child’s best interest to be put behind bars so that they stop hurting themselves.

Such is the case of Lindsay Lohan. I could list off all the ways she has done harm to herself but the Internet only has so much bandwith and I only have so much time. And it’s been going on for years. She is back in court today, SCRAM bracelet and all, to face a probation violation hearing connected to her infamous three-year drug and alcohol case. If the judge rules she hasn’t complied with the terms, she will be taken in to custody on the spot.

At this point, jail would probably help her-anything would hep her. So you would think dad Michael Lohan would want her to serve a sentence in hopes that it knocks some sense into her. But of course not. That would show good parenting.

“I’ll be there to support Lindsay,” Michael tells the New York Daily News. “And if the judge wants to give her jail time, I’ll say that’s not what she needs. Recidivism is so high when someone with a drug problem goes to jail.”

Her mother is also in denial, telling USMagazine over the weekend that, “All is great.”

If this is great, I don’t want to think about what bad is.