Michael Lohan's Last Resort


Michael Lohan
Michael Lohan concocts a crazy plan to see his daughter Lindsay- what is he thinking?

All aboard for the crazy train! It appears that Michael Lohan has hit an all-time low in his attempts to make contact with his recovering daughter Lindsay Lohan. According to, Michael has formulated a foolish plan to see Lindsay at the Betty Ford clinic that apparently includes the following:

Step 1:Show up at Betty Ford clinic demanding that he be let in

Step 2: Stage his own arrest to show his love for his daughter 

Step 3: Become a drunk and check himself into the clinic as a patient 

No wonder this poor girl has problems! It is clear that Lindsay has no interest in seeing her father while she is in her fragile state, so why is he concocting such ridiculous plans to push himself into her life? His antics are not helping anything, and they seem to be getting more and more intense and absurd as the days go on. When will this man give his daughter the space she needs to properly heal? 

Get it together, Michael. Two drunks won’t make it right.

Photo: PR Photos