Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett Face Their First Challenge Together


kendra-wilkinson-hank-baskett-philadelphia-eagles-michael-vick-christmas-free-agentWhat is Kendra going to do know? She just  gets moved to Philly to settle in to her new life and her hubby’s job gets taken away.

Hank Baskett was cut as a wide receiver from the Philadelphia Eagles. He says he’s not speaking about it yet. Uh, probably because he’s mad.

I would be mad if my job was taken by Michael Vick. Debts to society being paid aside, I would be a little more than angry. Yes, I know that Michael Vick is a quarterback and Hank Baskett is a wide receiver. I just meant that he took his position on the roster. There are only so many slots.

Maybe Hank will get picked up by a team that appreciates him. Maybe that’s why he’s not talking about it; he has some sort of deal in the works.

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