Michaele Salahi Off Real Housewives of DC?


michalesalahifiredfromrealhousewivesIn her ongoing quest for fame, Michaele Salahi may have screwed up her one legitimate shot at it. Rumors are swirling that Bravo is fed up with her and her publicity stunts and is looking for a “bitchy” replacement for the second season.

Plenty of Housewives cast members have acted poorly outside the show, from Danielle Staub’s illicit video to various arrests to a recent domestic violence charge against Tamra Barney’s husband. What did Michaele do that was so much worse?

She’s been using Bravo as an excuse to stay silent in the federal grand jury probe against her and her husband for crashing the White House dinner, saying the network has held them back from coming clean.

“The notion that the Salahis have been barred under their contracts . . . from speaking . . . is simply not true,” Bravo said in a statement.

Other Housewives take note: When the Feds get involved, Bravo will bow out.