Michael's Casket Will Be On Stage



Michael Jackson was without a doubt a true performer… apparently even in death. True to form, the King of Pop’s body (with a closed casket, I hope) will reportedly make one last stage appearance at his memorial ceremony at the Staples Center, currently underway.

I’m not exactly sure what I think about the fact that his body will actually be going to the Staples Center. I think it’s a pretty huge gesture to MJ fans on the part of the family.

They could have ended their private ceremony with the traditional lowering of the casket, but they’re letting Micahel make one last appearance.

I wonder if the family will have a private service at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park, where MJ’s grandmother was buried. You know, just to get some closure for MJ’s children and relatives.

Hopeful rumors are circulating that Prince Michael Jackson might perform at the public ceremony, but I seriously doubt it. The kids have been keeping a real low profile since MJ’s death.

Do you think having the casket on stage is kinda weird and unnecessary? I don’t know if it really makes a difference one way or the other to actually see the casket in person. Of course, maybe it’s not the real casket.