Michael's Mom and Kids Need Some Lunch Money


Although Michael Jackson’s will named his three (maybe four) kids and his mother Katherine as his primary beneficiaries, it looks like he forgot to provide a way to dole out the money for day to day things.

The lawyers handling MJ’s estate went to court this morning to help sort things out, asking for allowances for Blanket, Paris, and Prince Michael (no Omer yet) to help them pay for expenses until a more permanent living situation can be put in place.

Apparently, the legal team also asked for an allowance for Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson, who is taking care of the kids temporarily, and I’m assuming is footing a lot of the bill.

The measures will go in front of a judge on August 3rd, and I’m feeling pretty confident that both Katherine and the kids will get their allowance. It all seems pretty legit.

It’s a good reminder for just how important it is to have a will.