Michele Bundy's 'Family Violence' Restraining Order Againist Shannon Sharpe DISMISSED! Why?


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Is it a case of he said she said? Let’s hope not, because a lot of lives are being affected by the aftermath of the news of the restraining order against Shannon Sharpe. Not only does Michele Bundy reportedly care for a child, but Shannon Sharpe has kid/s of his own. Also today Sharpe stepped down from his cushy job as an analyst for CBS’s NFL Today program. Why was the restraining order against him dismissed?

Well, last Thursday Bundy filed a temporary restraining against Sharpe under the classification as “Family Violence,” since she cares for a child. There was to be a hearing on September 20th in regards to sexual assault allegations. But as of Wednesday afternoon -which TMZ has reported – the restraining order against Sharpe was lifted. Was there not enough proof to merit the order? Was she not in danger? Was her family not in danger? She had claimed that he forced himself on her and had threatened her life, claims that should not be taken lightly. But there also hasn’t been any arrest nor has Shape been charged with any crime, which if in the case of rape and threats of murder, you’d think some kind of arrest would be made.

Again, a case of he-said, she —said. Let’s just hope it all gets figured out before it makes even a bigger impact on the children’s lives that are involved.

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