Chris Matthews Takes on Michele Bachmann: Did MSNBC Anchor Bully the Congresswoman? (Video)


chris matthews michelle bachmannMichele Bachmann decided to take on Chris Matthews following her re-election to the US House of Representatives and proceeded to paint herself as the poster girl for inaccurate remarks and Internet sound-bytes for the week.

It was during her appearance from her re-election party that Bachmann made the first of a series of remarks that pushed the Congresswoman into this week’s headlines.  During the appearance Matthews tried to pin Bachmann into declaring whether she would investigate her congressional coworkers for un-American attitudes.

While Chris Matthews took on the role of bully and resorted to name calling, Bachmann did little to diffuse the situation by refusing to answer the questions put before her preferring to respond with off-topic remarks and a post-election smile.

What do you think of Chris Matthews interview with Michele Bachmann?

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