Michelle Duggar Gives Mom Hair Advice. Seriously.

Michelle Duggar

Michelle Duggar, who was born in 1888, schooled in the 1920s, and apparently hasn’t been to a hair salon since 1987, is now giving mothers hair advice. Yes, we’re talking about the same Michelle Duggar who is on that show One Million Kids and Counting.

The reality television mom, who is beginning to make Kate Gosselin look sane, gave her mom style advice at a conference during the season premiere of her show. Michelle apparently gave all the wives at the conference a worksheet titled “Seven Basic Needs Of A Husband,” with one of them including tips on how to look your sessy best for your man.


Michelle’s advice to all of the good Christian women out there is to ask your husband to define your household responsibilities and that you should always be gorgeous on the outside for him. And by gorgeous, she means keeping your hair in check. She says that God gave women hair for covering and your hairstyle should show that you’re feminine, submissive and soft. Exhibit A: Michelle’s own hair creation on her head.

You know, all of a sudden I’m feeling very sad that Big Love is no longer on HBO. I miss those frisky Mormon wives. And their hairstyles.