Michelle Duggar Spends Mother's Day in Hospital With Josie


josie duggar, michelle duggarMichelle Duggar spent yesterday in the NICU at Arkansas Children’s Hospital visiting with her daughter Josie who was born prematurely in December weighing less than two pounds. But there was some good news — Josie hit the six-pound mark so they were having a “six-pounder party.”  Even though I criticized the Duggars for subjecting the premature infant to the additional stress of film crews, Jim Bob and Michelle do sound like loving parents, and were “going over all their blessings” this Mother’s Day.  Plus, you have to feel for a woman who wants this on Mother’s Day:

A new ironing board cover!

“The kids and I went out shopping but Michelle is hard to buy things for because she is so practical,” Bob says.

“I just need a new cover for the ironing board,” she says, laughing.

“This Mother’s Day is definitely going to be different because we’ll be at the hospital,” Michelle said.”This is the first time I’ve been in the hospital on Mother’s Day.”

“This is a very special Mother’s Day even though we are going through a lot of unknowns,” says Jim Bob.

“We are going to remember this Mother’s Day like no other,” Michelle says. “It will be a Mother’s Day I remember forever.”

Photo: TLC