Michelle Obama on Being a Role Model and Doing the Dougie


obamaMichelle Obama doesn’t just have to deal with the everyday stresses that come with motherhood, she has all eyes on her as First Lady. She is on the cover on the September/October cover of AARP The Magazine and was interviewed about a future in politics, how she feels about being a role model to young girls, and even about dancing the Dougie.

On being a role model: “We did an event for military kids, and there were a lot of African American young girls out there—little black girls who were just proud because they see themselves in somebody who they think is great. You can see it in their eyes. You can see it with the hugs and the way they hold on so tight. It matters. So I do embrace it.”

On doing the Dougie at a Let’s Move! event: “I’ve got little kids. They’re always trying something. And I happen to be very good at dance-mimicking. [Laughs.] For some reason, if I watch somebody do a move for a while, and it’s not too hard or complicated or requires me to throw my leg over my head and flip, I can sort of figure it out.”

She sounds like one cool mama!

Oh, in case you are wondering, her answer when asked about a future in politics was “The answer is N-O. Period, dot.”