Michelle Obama Pregnant: Rumor or Reality?

michelle obama pregnant
Will Michelle Obama Have a Baby in 2011?

Is Michelle Obama pregnant? Rumors are all over the media that First Lady Michelle Obama is pregnant. None of Mrs. Obama’s White House staff have any comment, which leads me to believe this rumor might have merit but don’t hold your breath.

There is a ton of fake-news over the holiday weekend, and I can’t find the source of the rumor that reporting Michelle Obama is pregnant with her third child.

The Weekly World News (not exactly the most credible source) has a quote from the White House about Mrs. Obama’s bun in the oven but other that WWN, there are no major media outlets confirming the story. Or non-story.

Celebrity news blog Zap2It reports “the Toronto Sun ran a story earlier this week in which a Canadian psychic predicted the first lady would have a baby in 2011.”

But I’m not counting the psychic as totally reliable either!  Take your best guess! Do you think Mrs. Obama is pregnant? It would be a very happy event if this rumor is true but kind of stressful on the First Family.

Photo: PR Photos