Michelle Obama Takes The Girls To A Miley Cyrus Concert


michelle-sasha-malia-colosseumLife for the nation’s First Daughters isn’t so different from other girls their age. They go to school, trick or treat at undisclosed locations and, every now and then, Sasha and Malia get to stay up late on a school night to rock out at a Miley Cyrus concert. Last night was one of those rare occasions.

According to ABC News, Michelle took the First Tweens (and a Secret Service detail) out to see Miley Cyrus rock the Verizon Center last night.

OK… “rock” might not be the best word choice for what Miley does. “Annoy” or “make me want to vomit” are more appropriate descriptions for me personally… and I’m assuming the vast majority of parents would agree.

Still, it’s nice to think that the First Lady has to endure the awful musical tastes of America’s teens and tweens, just like other parents do.

Hey, maybe it will inspire Michelle to use some of her First Lady powers to help promote music appreciation for the nation’s youth. You know, teach kids about good music instead of the Jonas Brothers… kinda like School of Rock. Just a thought.