Michelle Obama Talks Family, Childhood Obesity (VIDEO)


michelle-obama-today-show-matt-lauerMichelle Obama sat down for an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer in an interview that aired on Wednesday, and in it she talks about an issue that she is determined to tackle: childhood obesity. The first lady also talks candidly about parenting her two girls Sasha and Malia. See the video after the jump.

Of her plans to take on childhood obesity Mrs. Obama said, “There are the shocking statistics that are there. One in three kids are obese in this nation. And the numbers go up when you’re talking about the African-American and Hispanic communities. The most shocking sort of reality that really hits you is that, because the young generation is on track for the first time in this nation’s history of being less healthy, having a shorter life span than their parents.”

In the interview the first lady comes across as an involved parent who has managed to maintain her identity despite being thrust into the spotlight. “I still see myself as Michelle Obama, the girl who grew up in the South Side of Chicago,” Mrs. Obama said. “I’ve got this husband who does these interesting things — and I’m Malia and Sasha’s mother.

“Just like many working parents, it’s balance. People may have said I’ve taken on too many issues or what have you, but I usually work two or three days a week, and we try to pack everything into a day,” she continued. “I don’t work on the weekends. I don’t travel on the days that I’m not there.”

Mrs. Obama says she doesn’t start work until her daughters leave for school, and she returns to the White House living quarters when they come home in the afternoon. When the family gathers for dinner (she stresses that the president doesn’t bring his job with him) they play a game called “roses and thorns,” where each person reports the day’s good events — the roses — and the bad — thorns.

When asked by Lauer what her roses and thorns for the day would be Mrs. Obama replied, “Well, the best thing is always dinnertime, so it hasn’t happened yet. Haven’t had a thorn yet.”

Watch the interview below: