Michelle Obama To Promote Gardening On Sesame Street



Many of us grew up watching Sesame Street and now we have children watching the program.  First lady Michelle Obama will help promote gardening on the 40th anniversery season of the popular children’s program.

From Usmagazine:

Michelle Obama will promote gardening on the 40th anniversary season of Sesame Street, show producers announced Tuesday.

The First Lady will teach the residents about eating healthy on the Nov. 10 premiere. She’ll plant tomato, cucumber and lettuce seeds on the classic kids show.

“All these seeds need to grow are sun, soil and water. If you eat these healthy foods, you’re going to grow up to be big and strong, like me,” Obama says. “I know you’re going to like these vegetables, because in addition to being healthy, they really taste great!”

Obama planted the first garden at the White House since World War II. The 50 fruits and vegetables she grows are used in the White House kitchen.

Malia and Sasha are too old for Sesame Street but it still must be cool for them to know their mom will be on the show!