Michelle Obama's Surprising Advice to Young Girls

First Lady Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama puts her daughters first, calling herself “Mom-in-Chief.”

She shared her best advice with a group of 12-15 year old London schoolgirls this past week. Some of that advice was surprising.

Like telling the girls that it’s not all about getting A’s! Michelle Obama didn’t tell the girls to strive for perfect when it came to grades, but to go for learning instead. Try something that challenges instead of what is safe and easy. ” But if you always just go for the grade, sometimes you’ll bypass what’s interesting because you might not get a good grade in it, right? And I don’t want you all to start doing that. It’s too early.”

Michelle Obama told the girls to choose their friends wisely.  That all women need to respect each other and be supportive. “You can’t be jealous, and push and trip, you know? It’s hard enough. So in your lives now … be kind to each other. Support each other.”

When it comes to try new things, Michelle Obama tells the girls not to be afraid to fail and not to worry about having doubts. “Everybody falls every now and then. Some people fall a lot.”

Michelle Obama’s advice wasn’t about being safe or perfect. Instead, she was honest about how hard life can be and that the girls would make mistakes.

Photo: PCN

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