Michelle Pfeiffer Hates the Term Cougar


Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer, 51, hates being called a cougar. In her newest film, “Cheri,” she has sex scenes with Rupert Friend, 27, and she says love should know no boundaries, particularly when it comes to age.

“I so hate the term cougar,” Michelle says. It came from those novels about older women with younger men so long ago, but even today they’re ahead of their time in the way we perceive women’s power and sexuality.”

Michelle Pfeiffer and Rupert Friend

Mom to Claudia Rose, 16, and John Henry, 15, Michelle also says that she’s not crazy about the idea of resorting to cosmetic surgery. “I think your face should still move. And you should be recognizable to your friends. One actress I knew years ago, a really lovely person, had some stuff done, and literally, every time I run into her now I don’t recognise her. Every time!”

What? Age gracefully? In HOLLYWOOD? Unspeakable!

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