Michelle Rhee Is Starting a Revolution with Students First


Michelle Rhee came to nationwide prominence when she was featured in the acclaimed documentary Waiting for Superman. At the time she was the Chancellor of the Public Schools in Washington D.C. but left her job when her mentor Mayor Adrian Fenty lost their reelection bid. Michelle Rhee was outspoken about urging for reform for the public schools of the nation’s capital.  And now Michelle Rhee is taking the battle nationwide with her new organization Students First a national advocacy group which she announced on Oprah on Monday. What is she planning to do?

“I am going to start a revolution,” Rhee declared. “I am going to start a movement in this country on behalf of the nation’s children.”

“The common thread in all of these communications was that these courageous people felt alone in battling the bureaucracy. They want help and advocates. There are enough people out there who understand and believe that kids deserve better, but until now, there has been no organization for them. We’ll ask people across the country to join StudentsFirst—we’re hoping to sign up 1 million members and raise $1 billion in our first year.”

Will you join StudentsFirst revolution?


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