Michelle Rounds Flashes Engagement Ring, Practices Stepmom Duties (Photos)


michelle rounds, rosie o donnell, michelle rounds engagement ring
Rosie O'Donnell shows off her fiancee's engagement ring.

Michelle Rounds and Rosie O’Donnell have only been dating since the beginning of the summer, but they are already engaged and Rounds will soon become a stepmom to O’Donnell’s four children.

Rosie shares four children, Parker, Chelsea, Viv, and Blake, with ex-wife Kelli Carpenter. But, over the past 6 months, Rounds has made herself a favorite among her fiancee’s children.

We came across a slew of photos showing the family having some exhilarating times together including a shot of Rounds‘ engagement ring!

Take a look at the photos below!

  • Michelle Rounds and Viv 1 of 14
    Michelle Rounds and Viv
    Michelle bonding with Viv at the park.
  • Michelle Rounds and Rosie 2 of 14
    Michelle Rounds and Rosie
    Michelle and Rosie on one of their many roadtrips.
  • Rosie and Her Children 3 of 14
    Rosie and Her Children
    Rosie acting silly with her kids!
  • Rosie and Michelle 4 of 14
    Rosie and Michelle
    Rosie shows her love for Michelle.
  • Michelle Rounds 5 of 14
    Michelle Rounds
    Take a look at Michelle's engagement ring!
  • Blake 6 of 14
    Blake playing on the side of the house.
  • Rosie and Viv 7 of 14
    Rosie and Viv
    Rosie celebrates Viv's 9th birthday.
  • Viv and Blake 8 of 14
    Viv and Blake
    Viv and Blake ham it up for the camera.
  • Michelle Rounds 9 of 14
    Michelle Rounds
    Michelle takes a turn!
  • Michelle Rounds 10 of 14
    Michelle Rounds
    Michelle is the apple to Rosie's eye.
  • Michelle and Rosie 11 of 14
    Michelle and Rosie
    In love!
  • Michelle Rounds 12 of 14
    Michelle Rounds
    Michelle happy to have met Rosie.
  • Michelle and Rosie 13 of 14
    Michelle and Rosie
    Michelle is going to be Rosie's children's stepmom!
  • Michelle Rounds and Viv 14 of 14
    Michelle Rounds and Viv
    Michelle and Viv out to dinner!

[Photos via Twitter.]

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