Michelle Williams and Jason Segal Break-Up: What Went Wrong?


Jason Segel and Michelle Williams take her daughter Matilda Ledger to the Bronx Zoo for a day of adventure

While there were many a celebrity and many a star at the world premiere red carpet and party for Oz The Great and Powerful there was one very notable person missing from the mix, Michelle Williams’ boyfriend Jason Segal. It seemed off that he wasn’t there. He loves Disney, he lives in Los Angeles and you’d think he would be there to support his gal. But as it turns out there was a good reason that she was hanging out in the VIP section with BFF Busy Phillips rather than Jason, it’s being reported that the superstar couple have broken up.

We were bummed to hear the news since the two made an adorable couple and Jason had become close with Williams’ daughter Matilda.  So why did the two break up? Apparently, the distance was too much for the busy working couple. Jason lives in LA, where he shoots his show, and Michelle lives in New York, where her daughter goes to school.

Hopefully these two will find love one of these days, and in the same city!

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