Michelle Williams' Daughter Can't Wait to See Oz The Great and Powerful


"OZ The Great And Powerful" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsMichelle Williams did not bring her daughter Matilda to the star -studded world premiere of her new film Oz The Great and Powerful. But the 7-year-old girl will see it soon, “She’s dying to see it. She’s very excited.”

In the film she’ll be seeing her mother donning a long blond wig, gorgeous white gowns, and bringing a fresh, friendly and fantastic version of the very iconic Glinda. But Matilda is no stranger to this incarnation of her mom, she was there while the film was being made. Michelle told People that director Sam Raimi, “really welcomed her on set and he made a very kid-friendly space. She witnessed so much of it being made so she’s really excited to see it come together.” I was lucky enough to have paid a visit to the Oz set while Michelle was filming and her daughter seemed so happy watching from the sidelines as her mom worked. It was pretty adorable.

Matilda loves the original Oz film but Michelle told People that, “she runs out of the room when … the baboons start to fly,” but says she’ll be brave for when she sees Oz The Great and Powerful. “She said, ‘Mommy, don’t worry, I won’t be scared because I know how everything happens,” Michelle recalled.

We got to talk to Michelle Williams about her trip to Oz, her role, and motherhood. Check it out on 2/21!