Michelle Williams' Oscar Date is Busy Phillips...AGAIN! Is the 3rd Time a Charm?

Michelle Williams & Busy Philipps

Michelle Williams has a very special date for the 2012 Oscar ceremony. It’s her BFF Busy Phillips.

Michelle Williams is up for her amazing portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in “My Week With Marilyn.” And this isn’t the first time that Michelle Williams has taken Busy Phillips as her date to the Academy Awards. She’s been her date THREE Times! Is the 3rd time a charm?

Michelle was nominated in 2005 for “Brokeback Mountain” and last year for “Blue Valentine.” But in both cases Michelle did not win.  And Busy is worried, she recently said:”What if I’m the hex?” But since she is yet again Michelle’s date, Michelle doesn’t seem to think so! Plus Busy carries all her stuff! She recently said:

“I have the emergency kit in my purse that has double-sided tape and Tylenol, and a small energy bar. I’m the one that has an extra lip gloss just in case. I mean, look: I think the reason why people are interested in our friendship now is only because I’m a little more visible than I was five years ago, when I accompanied her to literally every awards show for Brokeback Mountain. It’s funny to us. We just love each other and we’re really good friends and we happen to have the same job, you know? Similar jobs. I mean, Michelle’s not on Cougar Town.”



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