Michelle Williams Showers Matilda With A Puppy

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Matilda Ledger got a puppy for her sixth birthday.

It’s very rare that we hear about Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda. So when we do, it’s definitely a delightful bonus.

With Matilda’s 6th birthday coming up, Williams revealed to Ellen DeGeneres that she purchased a puppy. The puppy is a mixed “sort of Spaniel thing.”

But as fun as puppies are, Williams has a tough time letting Matilda pick out the name.

“Her first ideas were…they sounded like stripper names! She wanted something like, Crystal, Gem or Diamond,” Michelle, 31, laughed. “I was like, ‘We can’t have a dog named [that!].”

Luckily for Matilda, she managed to squash her “controlling mom” instinct and in the end decided, “You know what? Let her have it.”

Matilda chose the name Lucky!

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