Mickey Rooney Elder Abuse Victim - Tells Congress (Video)


The words Mickey Rooney uses to describe his feelings on elder abuse: trapped, scared, used, and frustrated. 90-year-old Rooney claims that he was abused by  his stepson, and told the Today show he was abused “financially, medically.”

He was even granted a protective order by a judge in Los Angeles that keeps his stepson, Chris Aber, and his stepson’s wife away from him until an April 5 court hearing.

Rooney goes on to say that for 20 years, family members “misused his money, forced him to work, and even left him without enough food at home.” Mickey Rooney talks about being neglected and that no one wanted to believe him.

On Wednesday, Rooney testified before a special Senate committee that is considering legislation to curb abuses of senior citizens. “Above all,” Rooney said of being a victim of elder abuse, “when a man feels helpless, it’s terrible.”

Here is a video of him talking about the abuse in front of Congress:

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