Microphones Catch Tiger Passing Gas During Buick Open Win (Video)


tiger_woods-babyHa ha, I just can’t pass up a good fart joke. It wasn’t pictures of his darling family that overshadowed Tiger Woods’ impressive performance, it was a very audible fart on the 18th fairway. Check out the video below.

It was the fart heard round the world… the golf world anyway. And it’s probably being talked about at least as much as his victory at the Buick Open.

It’s hilarious to see someone as intense and focused as Tiger Woods cracking up with his caddy over ripping one, but I bet he and his family watching from the sidelines had no idea that it would be in the news.

Tiger and his wife Elin Nordegren have two kids: a daughter named Sam Alexis, 3, and a son Charlie Axel, 6 months — neither of them are probably old enough to share fart jokes with daddy yet. One day, they’ll find this video and laugh their heads off.