Middle School Trick Play - Backflipping Boy Antics Are a Total Flop (Video)


middle school trick playThe competitive nature of pee wee and middle school football has reached a point where it’s not really about playing football at all.  The antics shown off by a middle school team in Corpus Christi, Texas might not have been penalty worthy, but they certainly reeked of poor sportsmanship.  In the case of the Driscoll Middle School the faked play in which the quarterback marched across the line of scrimmage and took off running is getting major Internet play, yet it only resulted in a tie game for the team. 

Now there’s another example of some shady distractive tactics being displayed in a high school game in North Carolina that ended up being a total flop.

When the team in question lined up for an extra point attempt, the other team was surprised when one of the players broke out into a series of back-flips taking their attention off the ball and ultimately off the game.  Penalty flags flew and the back-flipping player and the team coach were tossed out of the game.  Both have defended their actions and complained for being ejected from the game. 

Both the middle school trick play and the backflipping boy are prime examples of the lows that teams can resort to when they are too busy to get down to the business of playing football.

What do you think of the middle school trick play and the backflipping boy?