Middle School Trick Play - The Ultimate Display of Bad Sportsmanship (Video)


middle school trick playPee-wee football isn’t for the faint at heart!  It started off as a way to give kids an introduction to the sport and has become an ultra-competitive free-for-all with questionable tactics being used just to win the game. 

Every league has one.  The coach that is willing to do just about anything to win the game.  They are willing to intentionally teach their kids how to play poorly and to use maneuvers that can potentially hurt other kids just so they can walk away with the cheap trophy at the end of the season.  They take advantage of the fact that other kids are taught to play fair against them and learn to exploit every weakness. 

To be honest, teaches kids to be poor sports does work and helps them win — for a little while.  It is unfortunate because a coach truly has a small window in which to teach kids how to play the game the right way.  Those lessons learned early – throwing elbows, holding, face-masking – are things a later coach will spend precious time undoing in order to restore the concept of good sportsmanship.  Winning in youth football should not come the cost of good sportsmanship or a the risk of injury. 

Want to see the ultimate disply of bad sportsmanship during a middle school football game?