Migraine Aura: Serene Branson Video Explained By Migraine Aura, Not Complex Migraine

serene branson migraine aura
Migraine Aura Explains Serene Branson Video

By now you’ve surely seen the Serene Branson video on YouTube where the LA area reported slurred her words while reporting live from the Grammys. At first, people were worried that reporter Serene Branson had suffered a stroke after seeing the video footage. It was later confirmed that Serene did not in fact, have a stroke, and that her symptoms stemmed from what was thought to be a complex migraine.

As it turns out, Serene Branson actually suffered from what is known as a “Migraine Aura”, not a complex migraine. Symptoms for a migraine aura include visual, language, and sensory problems, and mimic a stroke.

Serene Branson also described having numbness and tingling in her face along with blurred vision, which are all further symptoms of a Migraine Aura, according to Dr. Andrew Charles of UCLA.

Luckily for Branson, the Migraine Aura passed and she has since recovered.