Mike Comrie Takes Hilary Duff on Babymoon Trip. Lucky Gal!

Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff is pregnant with her first child, and it certainly sounds like she picked the right guy to have kids with! Hilary is currently in her second trimester, and hubby Mike Comrie gave her one pretty swank belated Christmas gift. A “babymoon” to Hawaii.

Did you have a babymoon, or do you even know what a babymoon is? It’s basically just a fancy term for a vacation that couples take before their little one arrives. In other words, it’s kind of their “last hoorah” before being introduced to the world of sleepless nights and dirty diapers.

Hilary is one lucky gal, that’s for sure. I didn’t have a babymoon before I had my son, let alone a babymoon in somewhere as lush as Hawaii. We did go out to lunch a lot though…does that count?

Mike and Hilary stayed at the Four Seasons Hualali, and while eating dinner at the Beach Tree Restaurant, onlookers reported the couple as being very lovey-dovey. One witness said, “They were so cute,” after seeing Mike kiss Hilary on the cheek.

Hopefully they are making the most out of their Hawaiian vacation, because their romantic life as newlyweds is about to get completely turned upside down!

Were you fortunate enough to take a babymoon? Where did you go?