Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson Wife Swap: Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Basing A Movie On It


Mike Kekich and Fritz Peterson are former Yankees players who actually swapped wives back in 1972. Interesting story, right? Now Ben Affleck and Matt Damon want to do a movie about it called The Trade – and Kekich is freaking out.

So you probably want to know how the wife swap happened. It started in 1972 after the two old friends joked about swapping wives. Somehow or another, they talked their wives into the idea too, and then they all actually followed through with the swap.

However they kept it quiet for months, until word got out about it in Spring of 1973. Marilyn Peterson moved in with Kekich, but it didn’t last. Kekich reportedly remarried and had another daughter. Susanne Kekich and Fritz are still married and live in New Jersey and Colorado.

Sources are saying that “Kekich is panic-stricken. He has moved away and has a new identity. He is freaked out that those working on the movie find out where he is. He isn’t too keen on having the scandal dredged up again after all this time.” He has also stated he will not assist in any part of the movie production. Really, if the wife swappers wanted to cash in on their story, they could’ve done it long ago.

Affleck has acknowledged he and his brother Casey are rewriting a script of The Trade. The Post reported that Naomi Watts, Rachel Weisz and Rebecca Hall are being considered for the female leads and that Damon might direct.

Is The Trade a movie you’d be interested in seeing?