Mike Myers Welcomes Baby Boy: You'll Never Believe His Name!

mike myers baby boy spike kelly tisdale
Mike Myers and Kelly Tisdale welcomed a baby boy!

Mike Myers and wife Kelly Tisdale welcomed their baby boy two weeks ago, according to Life & Style.

And if you’re looking for a quirky and unique celebrity name, look no further.

Mike Myers has named his son Spike!

Spike Myers!

Oh boy. The name Spike will forever and always remind me of the bulldog from the Bugs Bunny cartoons… you know, the one that the little peppy dog follows around, saying “Huh Spike? Huh?”

A source tells Life & Style, “The baby is named Spike and was born two weeks ago!” There’s been no official statement from Myers on the birth just yet.

Spike is the first baby for Mike and wife Tisdale.

Congratulations… can’t wait to see Spike!



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