Mike Tyson Arrested After Altercation With Paparazzo


mike-tysonMike Tyson was arrested last night after he used his fists to show a videographer what was what after he was  followed into the bathroom at the airport.

On a slightly more surprising note, the videographer was arrested as well. I guess it does take two to tango.

Can you imagine the scene? There’s Mike Tyson all mad and frustrated. He’s dealing with the loss of his luggage, he has his wife and baby with him. They are all tired from the flight from London and just want to go home and go to bed. Then there is this jackass filming them the whole while, probably asking him questions and taunting him, because that’s what they do. Then iIke, wanting a moment to himself, went to the restroom and the paparazzo had the gall to follow him in there, with a camera.

I mean come on, what did he think was going to happen. He got knocked the **** out.

Both Tyson and the videographer were arrested, because it couldn’t be determined who threw the first punch.

I’m not saying that Tyson should have thrown any punches and I know it all sounds really kind of crazy and extreme, but man I bet all the celebrities out there are silently cheering him on.