Miley Cyrus Gets 5th Tattoo?!? What Did She Get?


Miley Cyrus is just 18 and she just got her 5th, yes her 5th tattoo. While most states ban kids from getting permanently inked at such a young age, others let you do so with parental approval. But Miley, she seems like she probably gets her way…alot. So what did the starlet get this time?

People heard from a good friend of Miley’s that said, “It’s a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters,” says the friend. (Miley’s siblings are Brandi, 23, Trace, 21, Braison, 16, and Noah, 11.) “The dream catcher is to protect them.”

Really? A dream catcher?

Do you think 18 is too young to have that many tattoos? Will she regret them when she’s older?

Photo: PR Photos

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