Miley Cyrus is Finally Getting Help! Dr. Phil Guest Stars on Hannah Montana



Many would agree that Miley Cyrus dresses far to racy for her age. As a role model to young girls everywhere, countless parents have reservations about her new saucy image. But she’ll be returning to the more conservative role of Hannah Montana in the one-hour special called “Hannah Montana Forever” and she’ll have a couple very special guests.  And perhaps one will give her some much needed advice…

Dr. Phil will be appearing as himself on the program. Also making an appearance is Jay Leno, who will also be cast as himself. The show focuses on Hannah Montana being tempted to take off her wig and reveal her true self to the world. But who knows if she follows through with it. You’ll have to tune in on November 7th to find out for sure.  It will also be part of the DVD collection “Hannah Montana: Who is Hannah Montana?,” that will be released on November 2nd.

Do you think not just Hannah Montana but Miley Cyrus needs some help from Dr. Phil?