Miley Cyrus Just Trying to "Look Consistent" - Does This Explanation Satisfy Moms?


Seventeen-year-old Miley Cyrus, who has been straddling stripper poles during performances, wearing barely there skirts and baring cleavage as of late, says she’s not trying to offend anyone. It’s apparently just all part of marketing her new album.

I’m not trying to be ‘slutty’,” the 17-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” singer told the Associated Press.

“I’m not trying to be, like, go to the club and get a bunch of guys. What I’m trying to do is make a point with my record and look consistent, in the way my record sounds and the way I dress.” She says, though, she wants people to buy her albums for the music, not because she dresses sexy.

“I’m really comfortable with my body, I work really hard to be fit and to know that I can wear whatever makes me most comfortable.”

My twins are not even three, so clearly Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana are not part of our dialogue. But those moms of tween and teens, with Cyrus’ “makeover” are you still comfortable letting your kids watch the show and listen to the music? Or were you ever?

I hope to keep my girls away from such programs. However, I said I’d never let them watch television at all and let’s just say Dora the Explorer is basically over for breakfast every morning. So what we think we’ll do as a mother is sometimes at odds with what we actually do.