Miley Cyrus' Mom Had An Affair With Bret Michaels?


starmagmileycyrusmombretmichaelsThe divorce between Miley Cyrus’ parents Tish and Billy Ray is starting to get messy and public. According to this week’s Star: Tish had an affair…with Bret Michaels!

“Billy Ray suspects there’s been something going on between his wife and Bret for a long time,” an insider tells the tab.

Bret and Tish became close when Bret worked on the duet “Nothing to Lose,” earlier this year. Tish “would always show up to the studio in tight jeans and revealing T-shirts and flirt shamelessly with Bret.”  She was just his type, they continue,  “skinny, big boobs and blond hair.”

Billy Ray is supposedly “ashamed of Tish’s behavior and he wants out of this mess,” a source said.

Bret has already denied the rumor. He has what seems to be a loose relationship with longtime girlfriend Kristi Gibson, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who would go after another man’s wife. Let’s hope this isn’t true.