Miley Cyrus' New Video: Too Sexy? She Must Be Stopped!


Ok, let me be honest. I hate Miley Cyrus. It’s not because she is a bad role model, she wears scandalous outfits, or her incapability to ever say anything remotely intelligent. The girl makes bad music.

The song below is called Who Owns My Heart, and it is just as bad as anything she has ever made. It’s also predictably oversexed for someone her age. There’s dancing in panties, dancing at the club, some more dancing in panties, some unintentionally hilarious sultry looks at the camera, and some requisite writhing. Take a look and lets discuss.

Do you think it’s too much? I do. Do you think it is shameful to call this “music.” I do. Should she put some close on and do some charity work? Totally. So moms, let’s all stop complaining and not buy our daughters her CD.

Case closed.