Miley Cyrus Parents Divorce: Caused By Her Fame?


Memo to Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus: Parent’s should always be sensitive to how traumatic divorce can be on their children and let them know explicitly that it is not their fault.

Seems this pair haven’t had that talk with their kids yet.  Young Miley is blaming herself for their split.Sources tell PopEater that the young poptart  blames her success for her parents’ break and “would give up every dollar and gold record she ever earned if dad Billy Ray and mom Tish would agree to give marriage one more try.”

Both parents have been working together to make Miley into a superstar since she was little.  Now that she is getting older and starting to take her career into her own hands, her parents have have less to work together towards.

“Every marriage struggles when a child leaves home and the relationship gets re-examined, but add on top of that that every second of the past decade Billy Ray and Tish have spent building a star together, they have forgotten to make time for each other,” says a source.

So sad.