Miley Cyrus' Parents Forgot How To Parent


miley-cyrusParents, your kids have spoken. Miley Cyrus is the #1 bad influence in their lives. Okay, maybe that is too harsh. They say she’s the Worst celebrity influence of 2009.

That’s a staggering statistic.

Perhaps Miley’s dad should have been more of a parent and less than a buddy, because something went seriously wrong. Look at Miley a couple of years ago and look at her today. She went from the nice girl to a Lolitaesque type girl. Even if she makes all that money he parents still have the power to veto a look or an action.

Just because she’s famous doesn’t mean that she gets to run her life. She is still a child and a child with a lot of money can be a scary thing. Diva anyone.

Poor little Noah (?) Cyrus doesn’t stand a chance. Her image is already taking a turn for the worse. She’s the little sister of the worst celebrity influence of 2009. Talk about too close for comfort, because really, do you know any other 9-year-olds dressing like a dominatrix for Halloween?

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