Miley Cyrus's Little Sister - 9 Going on 19


ohgodwhydontdothisnoahpleasYou know what I miss? The days when little girls would cover their body in a sheet to be a ghost or put on a long black dress to be a witch for Halloween. Those were the days.  Would you let your little darling nine-year-old daughter dress like the girl on the left? Yeah, me neither. But apparently Billy Ray Cyrus and wife don’t have issues letting their pre-teen daughter Noah dress like a lady of the evening.

The make-up, the mini-skirt, the tightness, the high heel lace up boots!?!?  Big sis Miley Cyrus has also worn outfits of questionable age appropriateness. The young gal was on her way to Jamie Lee Curtis’s Halloween bash with her pal.  Would you let your kid out in an outfit like that?