Miley-Gate: Did Perez Hilton Break the Law?


Oh, Perez Hilton. What were you thinking? Or were you? On Sunday there was a tweet posted on Perez Hilton’s Twitter page.  The tweet stated:

“If you are easily offended, do NOT click here Oh, Miley! Warning: truly not for the easily offended!”

What was the photo? A candid pic taken of Miley Cyrus from a recent photo shoot, where she apparently wasn’t wearing any underwear. The photo allegedly ran uncensored. There are a couple of things wrong seriously wrong with this…
One, releasing nude photos without the subject’s consent is always ill-advised. Two Miley is just 17! So this photo of Miss Cyrus in a compromising position is considered child pornography. That is no small offense. That is just plain tasteless and illegal.  Fortunately for all, the photo has already been taken down.

But did Perez really post this? I have my doubts. Although Perez does like to push the envelope, he’s seasoned media mogul who ought to know not to post items like this. Also, most of the photos on his Twitter page he puts up via or puts a link via Not the image hosting and sharing site.

Many celebrities are having their Twitter accounts hacked, so could this be some kind of prank or badly conceived promotion for a sharing site? Regardless of the intent, the whole thing is just wrong. Let’s wait until Miley leaks her own photos, after she turns 18 of course.


Photo: Bauer Griffin

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